Examples of recent projects leading to volume production include:

  • 500K+ RPM portable generator – generator set for portable energy generation (man packable) – Issues dealt with included small size of the rotor/stator unit, mechanical design of the rotor due to high speed, and matching converter to motor requirements (f1>8K Hz)
  • Fuel Cell Air Supply Unit (compressor application), 12KW @ 120K RPM – challenging issues included power density, cooling and rotor circumferential speed.
  • Gas & Oil Supply Industry (200kW@21krpm)
  • Motor-Generator: (prototype for test purposes) – 100 KW @ 100K RPM. Issues to overcome were converter constraints; air friction; stiffness/press-fit of the rotor design; rotor circumferential speed > 400 meters/sec;
  • Energy Generation & Storage: 350KW @ 28K RPM – issues included integration of generator and electrical contols; .
  • Machine Tool Applications: 100KW @ 20K-40K RPM; 140 KW @ 18K-30K RPM
  • Laser Light Application: (vacuum unit) 35 KW @ 70K RPM
  • High Speed Blower: 70K RPM
  • MicroTurbines: 35KW – 500KW at various speeds
  • Compressors: 200 kW @ 21K RPM


Applications for e+a rotors and stators are all over the map. e+a began as a supplier of motors to manufacturers of machine tool spindles so we have a large base of existing designs from a few KW to around 150KW that we supply to spindle makers; these range in volume from a few hundred to a few thousand per year. Turbo-machinery applications using PM motors are the fastest growing market space at e+a; these applications include motors and generators for chillers, energy generation and storage, compressors, micro-turbines, gas & oil industry applications, high-speed blowers, vacuum pumps, and replacement of gearboxes with direct-drive motors. e+a has many existing designs for these applications but can generate new designs when required. These units tend to range from 35-850KW in power, and tens to hundreds per year in volume.