e+a Profile

e+a makes motor elements (rotors and stators) that customers use to build motors and generators for high speed and high power applications: turbo-machinery, machine tools, generators for micro-turbines, high- speed blowers, direct drives to replace gearboxes, compressors, chillers, energy storage systems, etc. e+a provides rotor/stator sets that are embedded into OEM’s designs for induction (asynchronous) and permanent magnet machines for motor and generator applications. The product line ranges from a few watts at over 500+K RPM through 850 KW, but most designs fall between 10K RPM to 100K RPM and from a few kilowatts to 500KW.

e+a does not make complete motors, but provides detailed technical support that aids the customer to embed the rotor & stator into the customer’s own product.

e+a is a production oriented company with substantial technical and engineering resources. Each year e+a ships over 25,000 rotor/stator sets to customers from a wide variety of 2-pole, 4-pole, 6-pole and 8-pole motor types and at prices competitive worldwide.

Examples of recent projects leading to volume production include:

  • 500K+ RPM portable generator
  • Fuel Cell Air Supply (compressor), 12KW @ 120K RPM
  • Motor-Generator 100 KW @ 100K RPM (prototype)
  • Energy Generation 350KW @ 28K RPM
  • Machine Tool Application 140 KW @ 30K RPM
  • Laser Light (vacuum unit) 35 KW @ 70K RPM
  • Micro Turbine 35kW@ 90K RPM
  • Compressors 200kW @ 21K RPM

e+a stators can be built with patented end cap technology (ALKA™) that reduces stator heating and protects the end windings from damage. e+a designs have a very high energy density, offering a large amount of power out of a very small footprint. These direct drive, water-cooled machines save a significant amount of space, are much more efficient, require substantially less lubrication, are more reliable and cost significantly less than gearbox equivalents.

Permanent magnet rotors are made using carbon fiber overwraps. All stators are hand wound to produce the highest energy density possible and are fully tested in a Swiss factory famous for its quality and workmanship.

e+a was founded in 1981 and has produced literally hundreds of thousands of high-speed motor and generators since that time. Today e+a has approximately 100 employees including engineering, manufacturing, customer support and admin. e+a makes many of the motors found in high-speed machine tools today, and is fast becoming a leader in the turbo machinery field supplying rotors and stators for a wide variety of high speed, high power applications.