Induction Motor Elements

2, 4, 6 & 8-pole products
Induction motors are the “work-horses” of the rotating machinery field. Simple, rugged construction and the ability to handle high temperatures allow them to withstand difficult environments.

2-pole machines tend to be smaller, simpler motors running at high speed; but larger, higher power motors can also be constructed in this configuration. The attraction of the 2-pole design is the ability to use a lower frequency (less expensive) drive.

4-pole machines are high-performance, high-power devices with large rotor bores, and offer a greater energy density than 2-pole machines; 6/8 pole motors are for high-torque, lower speed applications.

The type overviews shown on the right are just a fraction of the induction motor designs available at e+a; most motors for turbo-machinery applications are either new designs or slight modifications of existing designs. Contact e+a for details - (

mW 18/18-8pole
95 Nm Torque, max. 19K RPM


mW 15/15-2pole
120 kW@60K RPM