Motor Element Summary

for Induction & Permanent Magnet Motors & Generators

Induction MotorElements

Induction rotors with the squirrel cage die-cast in aluminum are a strong, lightweight and inexpensive solution for machines with a maximum circumferential speed of 130m/s.

Copper rotors can support a considerably larger bore and have fewer losses than aluminum rotors. Maximum circumferential speed is up to 170 m/s with reinforced short-circuit rings.
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2, 4, 6 & 8-pole products

2-pole – smaller motors, speeds > 45K RPM, lower frequency drives
4-pole – high performance, speeds to 45K RPM, larger rotor bores
6- or 8-poles – higher torques, lower speeds

variety of end-caps: ALKA™, ENCA™, open (click for more detail)

Squirrel Cage Design - w/Short Circuit Rings
(copper or aluminum bars)

Water-Cooled & Air-Cooled
(liquid cooling via customer supplied water jacket around stator)


Permanent Magnet Motor Elements
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PM elements are available in the same pole configurations as Induction rotors and stators. Synchronous configurations offer higher efficiencies, higher speeds, larger rotor bores, lower rotor temperatures and increased power densities over induction machines. Rotors can be installed quickly without prior thermal treatment of the rotor or shaft, and PM rotors can be removed and reused.

Rotors are typically made of carbon fiber overwraps of steel cores populated with high-temp permanent magnets, or covered with the new MEBA™ metallic rotor sleeve.