Hand wound stators offer significantly higher winding densities than machine wound alternatives, resulting in higher energy densities for the equivalent footprint. e+a stators are high-quality, low cost elements in the high-performance turbo-machinery market.

The same stators are used for both induction and PM systems. Stators can be constructed with 3-phase or 6-phase windings, with potted end caps (left, ENCA™,, potted and covered end caps (right, ALKA™ , or end caps with no coverings (below right). Stators are made of slotted steel laminations, then hand wound to specifications (below left).

ALKA™ stators (top right and immediately above) have a patented end-cap technology that covers the end windings and pots them under vacuum with a resin filling. Since a majority of the stator heat is contained in the end-windings this technology allows the best heat transfer out to a cooling jacket.