Support & Downloads

for Induction & Permanent Magnet Motors & Generators

e+a provides free telephone and internet technical support for OEMs integrating rotors and stators into systems.

Customers are responsible for the design of the cooling jacket, bearing system, lubrication system and shaft. For induction systems e+a customers need to machine the rotor OD, rotor ID and stator OD to their specifications (e+a can also provide this service). PM rotors are supplied ready to go and only the stator OD requires machining.

e+a does not build to stock so all orders have a delivery time associated with the manufacture of the elements. Delivery times can vary from 6-14 weeks or longer depending on the type of motor and whether engineering or design is required.

The design of the complete system is the customer’s responsibility, but e+a provides advice and support in the following areas:

  • Parameter settings for frequency converters
  • Calculation of interference fits
  • Test of a prototype on an e+a test bed (additional cost)
  • Mechanical installation of a shaft on a PM rotor
  • Guidelines for machining motor elements
  • Aligning a PM rotor inside a stator
  • Typical water jacket designs
  • Machining rotors and stators
  • Thermal issues